Dame DC Cordova

Founder of Money & You and CEO Excellerated Business Schools

DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and Money & You®,global organizations that have over 95,000 graduates from all over the world, especially the Asia Pacific and North American regions. Courses are taught in English and Chinese. Many of today's wealth/business leaders have attended Money & You® and transformed the way they teach and run their organizations. Through these graduates, Dame Cordova's work has touched the lives of millions all over the world.

Her stated purpose is to "uplift humanity's consciousness through socially-responsible business."

She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money Making Systems; and has co-authored many books. DC has participated in over a dozen motivational films and TV shows. She has been interviewed around the world in every type of media, and even hosted the Money & You radio show.

DC Cordova is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL).