Dr. Carolyne (ISIS) Fuqua

Spiritual Leader, Author and Founder of STARS Foundation

Master Teacher of Egyptian Mysticism, International Author, Producer, Songwriter and Performer

A recognized leader in the transformational movement, Dr. Carolyne's life-transforming evenings with students have grown from small groups in Los Angeles over 30 years ago, to large gatherings of people in cities all over the world, eagerly coming together for weekend retreats or purposeful sojourns to sacred places as part of her traveling ministry.

As founder of Circles of Light Ministries, and as a master teacher of Egyptian Mysticism, Dr. Carolyne embodies and illuminates the principles of Universal Law. With this information, individuals can choose to remember and access their fullest potential.

Dr. Carolyne is the author of the ground-breaking work The Keys to the Kingdom, Volume I, including her much anticipated Mastering the Game of Life, Book II.

Dr. Carolyne leads sold-out mystery-school pilgrimages to Egypt, wherein participants are invited to transcend the mundane and unlock the ancient mysteries of the Nile. In addition, she has led groups to such power spots as India, Peru, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Turkey, Israel and China.

In March 1995, Dr. Carolyne, along with her husband Harvey, and COLM co-founders, RuthAnne Radiss and Frederica Chapman, incorporated The Foundation for the S.T.A.R.S. (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls), a nonprofit organization that reaches out to address some of the difficulties that plague underprivileged youth in the inner-cities of America, with the belief that every dream should at least have the opportunity to be realized. In 1996, the From Me to We Foundation, a division of S.T.A.R.S. was created to address the needs of youth in developing countries.

Among her many talents, Dr. Carolyne has the distinction of being a gold-record producer, hit songwriter and performer. Her love of music has her travel the globe with The S.T.A.R.S., lifting hearts and souls with their transformative singing and songs.