Lise Janelle

Success Coach, Author, Professional Speaker and Educator

Dr. Lise E. Janelle is a Success Coach, an author, a professional speaker and an educator based in Toronto. She is the founder of the Centre for Heart Living and has over 22 years specializing in holistic health. Dr Lise has helped thousands of people achieve personal and professional breakthroughs by creating transformative change from the inside out.

Dr. Lise thrives on working with high-level executives, athletes, moms, couples, celebrities, artists, musicians, career-focused individuals and entrepreneurs.

Specializing in Inner Game Mastery, the alignment of beliefs, passion and values with goals, actions and results. Dr. Lise uses effective mind-body techniques to help her clients find their self-limiting beliefs and emotions, then release them at the source. This results in CONGRUENCE, which cultivates inner-strength. Congruence improves focus, confidence, will-power and performance enabling clients to apply themselves "whole-heartedly".

In addition to her 10 years experience as a coach and 30 as a chiropractor, Dr. Lise is featured regularly in print, radio and television.